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Courel Solar invested by Sunpark Group,which ia a leading of Eco-Energy System manufacturer in China.Courel provide all kinds accessories of Solar Water Heaters,Solar Collectors and Solar Pool heating,Space heating...

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We have Technical-Lab provide OEM and ODM services with client's LOGO,more better solar products on here...

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Why Courel can help you reach Low-Carbon ?

Currently Courel solar collectors are reducing CO2 emissions by more than 13,000 tonnes / 28.6million pounds per year, with collectors installed in a. (One metric tonne = 2200 pounds) .

  • 1kwh energy by coal station will bring 2.2kg CO2 .
  • 1m2 Courel Solar Collector provide 5kwh every day.
  • 1m2 Courel Solar Collector reduce 11kg CO2 every day
  • Courel solar products have sold more 56 countries .
  • We achieved CE,ISO,SGCC,Solar-Keymarket certificate

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Solar system controller   Solar system connector   Solar water heater

Thermosiphon Solar Water Heater ,high efficiency and best price,sold to 56 countries...

  • Easy to install
  • Lower or High pressure .
  • perfect working without pump

Package Price : $2,00.Package Duration :30days.

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High pressure Heat Pipe Solar Collector without tank,no water in tubes,even if tubes broken no leakage...

  • CE,ISO,Solar-Keymarket test
  • Working Pressure:6.0 bar
  • Working angle:10-70 degree .

Package Price : $1,50.
Package Duration :30days.

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Sunpark Active solar water heating system, the collector on Roof,and tank on room,the Pump station working from Collector to Tank...

  • Coil heat exchanger Tank
  • High efficiency as EN12975
  • Antri freeze in all climate

Package Price : $975.
Package Duration :30days.

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